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C Library for Reading GPS data from a GlobalTop MTK3339

We purchased the Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout board (Figure 1) several months ago, but finally got to the point of using it for something. This GPS breakout uses a GlobalTop MTK3339 GPS chip, comes with an SMA connector antenna, and also requires an SMA to uFL adapter (Figure 2) also available at Adafruit. You will also require an FTDI USB-to-TTL serial cable, which can be available at various vendors like Sparkfun, Adafruit, Amazon, DigiKey, etc.

To read the GPS data as fast as possible using the libev event API, we chose to write a C library from scratch as opposed to using a server like gpsd. We want our application to embed the reading of the GPS and display the GPS data to the OLED library using our libssd1306 library.

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