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Updated Drawing Text on OLED Chip SSD1306 Using FreeType2

We are updating the previous post on drawing text, since we realized we needed to fix a major display bug in pixel locating the text. In addition to that we updated the API for drawing text to return a bounding box around the drawn text so that the developer can know the pixel coordinates of where the text was drawn in the framebuffer. We also updated the bit-dump API to optionally add color to the terminal output.

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Drawing Text on OLED Chip SSD1306 Using FreeType2

In the previous post we had discussed the framebuffer object of the C library for performing graphics on the OLED screen SSD1306 using a Raspberry Pi.

In this blog post, we demonstrate how we have used FreeType2 to draw text on the screen using fonts that can be installed using your Raspbian distro packages. FreeType2 provides an easy way to render any type of supported font on the screen, and we encapsulate all of that in a single function call ssd1306_framebuffer_draw_text().

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